Spring Statement Report 2024

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An update on the Chancellors latest Budget highlights, economic updates and tax measures. Download your copy here

Key Dates for your finances 2023

As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023, now’s the perfect time to make sure you’re fully prepared for the financial year ahead. To make it easy, we’ve summarised the key financial dates to put in your diaries: January March April July October November Your financial plan could be impacted by these key dates. […]

Talking to kids about the value of money

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Talking to kids about the value of money After seeing their six-year-old son’s birthday list, Liz and Dan have realised it’s high time they started teaching Archie about the value of money. It’s true they both have reasonably well-paid jobs and only the one child but, even so, a Saint Bernard puppy, a quad bike, […]

Omnis Investment Perspectives Update

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In the face of soaring inflation, rising interest rates and disruption to global supply chains, it’s been a bumpy ride for investors so far this year. Here we give our views on some of the questions investors have about markets at the moment and explain why it’s important to maintain composure and look for opportunities. […]

Investing for your children’s future

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As parents to four children ranging in age from three to 12 years old, Rachel and Samantha were horrified to hear on the news that a quarter of 20-to-34 year olds still live at home with their parents. As much as they love their kids, the idea they might still be a permanent fixture around […]

10 ways to reduce your tax bill

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Being tax smart means knowing the basics about how tax affects your life and money. Here are 10 ways to reduce your tax bill, which could make your money go further for you and your loved ones. Personal savings allowanceYou’re entitled to receive some interest on your savings tax-free every year, depending on your income […]

Investment Update – A difficult patch for the global economy

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Financial markets were unsettled in May as the effects of the war in Ukraine along with concerns over inflation and growth dominated investor sentiment. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cautioned global finance leaders to expect multiple inflationary shocks in 2022 as markets continued to be unsettled in May amid fears of an economic downturn and […]

First steps to investing

There is no right time to begin investing but there are some decisions to make that could affect your returns. If you are 7 years old and saving your pocket money for a PS5, 17 saving the money from your first job for a car, 27 saving for your first house or 57 and finalising […]